Merchant Accuses Amazon of Unfair Business Practices

We recently published a post comparing merchant business practices for both Amazon and eBay. In that post, we surmised that Amazon doesn’t always play nice with merchants who use the Amazon platform to sell their wares. To reinforce our assertion, both the Wall Street Journal and The Atlantic Wire have recently reported about a lawsuit filed by an Amazon merchant accusing the ecommerce powerhouse of a host of unfair and anti-competitive business practices.

From The Atlantic Wire article:  An accessories company has sued the Internet giant for alleged sabotage, making it the latest in a series of little guys who are calling the retail giant a bully.

This is far from the first time these types of charges being leveled against Amazon, and will undoubtedly not be the last. As the Internet Giant continues to borrow from the Wal-Mart playbook, small merchants need to be especially wary of how they sell through the Amazon ecosystem.  You can find the full article here: