We are The Commerce Experience Agency.

But it wasn’t always that way. We got our start in 1994, long before ecommerce was even a thing. Back then, we were a hardcore technology company. We grew up as consumer and B2B ecommerce matured.

Over the years we learned that solving our clients’ challenges, and becoming true strategic partners, requires more than technology alone. So, we built upon our technology roots. We forged our creative abilities around user experience, design, content, and brand strategy. Then, we added capabilities to support our clients’ through every phase of the customer journey, and expertise to help them successfully navigate their own transformations in the digital economy.

Hundreds of successful client engagements later, we’re still sharpening our craft, expanding the ways we serve our clients, and growing as an agency. But, we never forget who we are or where we come from.

We strive to work smarter, faster, and more collaboratively than anyone in the industry. We create high-performing digital commerce solutions that deliver results. We are Gorilla Group: The Commerce Experience Agency.


Client results always come first. However, receiving recognition for exceptional work is a reflection on both us and our clients, so we’re happy to share our accomplishments.

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We think the company we keep says a lot about us. So, we’ve partnered with ambitious brands and businesses that share our passion for innovative solutions and measurable results.


A partnership with Gorilla means that we believe in the value their service provides to our clients enough to stake our own reputation and client relationships on them.

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