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Why Work at Gorilla?

Great question. You want to work at Gorilla because you…

  • Pride yourself on doing nothing less than kick-ass work…every single day
  • Thrive in a collaborative, warp-speed environment, working with some pretty sharp cookies
  • Want to be challenged daily to stretch your skills
  • Are motivated when being tasked with solving tough client challenges
  • Enjoy working with a variety of clients across a range of industries
  • Appreciate being recognized for the quality of your work, not the length of your tenure
  • Value a range of thoughtful benefits like competitive comp, retirement plans, ridiculous beverage options, and unlimited time off*
  • Want to be part of a fast-growing, award-winning agency with ‘sky’s the limit’ opportunities
  • Fancy yourself a bullet point list enthusiast

If you’re a high-performing creative, technologist, strategist, or digital pro, let’s see if we’re a match.

*We’re global, so benefits vary by office location, but we appreciate your attention to detail and ability to read 10 point font.

Open Positions.

Interested in becoming a Gorilla? Check out our open positions, or send your resumé and cover letter to