High-Performing SAP Commerce Cloud Solutions for Your Enterprise

Experienced enough to create commerce solutions at scale, nimble enough to provide the strategic thinking and hands-on support your business demands, Gorilla Group is an SAP Customer Experience Gold Partner and a 2017 SAP Pinnacle Award winner with the ability to digitally transform your brand and business.

Because MVP (Minimum Viable Product) isn’t enough in today’s marketplace, we take a VIP (Viable Iterative Process) approach to ensure faster time to market without sacrificing the customer experience. We leverage Hybris to enable brands and businesses to sell more efficiently through channel – every channel.

Our SAP Hybris Practice

SAP Customer Experience Gold Partner


SAP Commerce Cloud CXM

SAP Commerce Cloud AWS Hosting

SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud


Everything we do is focused on helping our clients achieve their goals. Awards are just a happy byproduct of these efforts.

Select Hybris Clients


Research and Analysis

We create informed commerce solutions by mining primary and secondary customer and market data to solve your challenges and bring you closer to your customers.

Change Management

Because technology is just one piece of the puzzle, we help align the people and processes necessary to achieve true digital transformation.

SAP Commerce Cloud Managed Services

From the ability to leverage dedicated SAP Commerce Cloud development resources to implement site enhancements to 24/7 support, we enable you to bring continuous improvement to your digital commerce channel.

SAP CEC – Customer Engagement and Commerce

We’re adept at building effective SAP commerce ecosystems, tying CRM and Customer Service into a multi touch point strategy, while providing the orchestration to make it all work together.

SAP CXM (Customer Experience Management)

Our CXM offering provides consultation services in areas that help attract and cultivate deeper customer relationships. From content strategy to email marketing to SEO best practices, our CXM services are tailored for your SAP-powered solution and provide actionable recommendations for marketing channels and merchandising strategies.

SAP Commerce Cloud AWS Hosting

Our Hybris-tuned hosting leverages the power and scale of the Amazon cloud to create an infrastructure where high-performance meets high-availability.