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With collective expertise building and supporting over 400 enterprise commerce solutions, we know first-hand what makes implementations successful. And we understand what makes them fail. The consequences of complex commerce projects, from creeping scope to slipping timelines and unforeseen costs, hinder the industry-wide need to get experiences up-and-running quickly.

Momentum brings a strategic, technology-driven approach to an imperfect process. Momentum is more than a platform solution. It’s an field-tested framework to launch faster, drive results, and build a foundation for continuous improvement.

Momentum easily adapts to any digital landscape, allowing us to be truly platform-agnostic. The focused, flexible framework drives value faster and more cost effectively than full-scale implementations.

Proprietary technologies to accelerate time-to-value.

Momentum combines powerful, proprietary technologies: Blocks, Assemble, and Conduit. At the core of our process, our Momentum technologies enable rapid experience design, platform development, and site launch to accelerate time-to-value for our clients by up to 30%.

The building blocks of your digital experience, made simple. Blocks are proprietary, pre-built features and enhancements. We developed Blocks to streamline common functional customizations that don’t come out-of-the-box. Fine-tuned to fit the needs of a specific commerce solution, Blocks shorten development time and ensure code stability, allowing us to add integrations and features seamlessly and quickly.

Capture data to seamlessly deliver it across platforms. Conduit is a Gorilla-developed middleware designed to connect any cloud architectures with one another, without time-consuming, expensive, or complex (and often ineffective) custom development. With Conduit’s capabilities, any ecommerce environment, marketing automation tool, or CRM database can all communicate with each other. This allows our clients’ to choose best-in-class technologies across the organization, rather than limiting choice to platforms that can already communicate. Conduit enables intuitive utilization, speed, and efficiency over cross-platform data integrations.

Define and design the pieces. Then put them together. Assemble delivers cohesive, consistent experiences using a proprietary pattern library software tool we’ve built here at Gorilla. We store pre-tested patterns in a project-specific buildkit that integrates straight into the platform codebase (read: no code bloat). This allows our clients to create brand-specific visual and functional customizations on the fly to streamline change management. With Assemble, we build secure, scalable, client-specific UI elements for reuse across all channels to accelerate workflow, keep code and design consistent, and avoid redundant development work to increase speed.

To maximize value, we’ve designed a process around Momentum. We use Momentum to build a rock-solid foundation for future enhancement, at speed. Our team works in parallel to craft a multiphase strategic plan that operationalizes the commerce investment from the moment the site goes live.

Post-launch, our clients work with the same dedicated team that championed the commerce build to success – the people that know you, your business, and your codebase – enabling our clients to enhance and iterate experiences rapidly, and achieve your commerce goals faster than you thought possible.

Clients benefit from Momentum

Rapid Implementation: Momentum’s ready-made functionalities, combined with our iterative processes, form a framework that reduces testing and ongoing development efforts to enable faster speed-to-market.

Minimized Risk: Momentum is thoroughly tested across breakpoints to ensure performance on virtually every platform and device for clients across industries. We use repeatable processes that help drive predictable results to mitigate unforeseen costs associated with errors.

Foundation for Future Success: Designed with the future in mind. Momentum can be easily scaled and extended to match any business requirements, in line with your commerce channel growth, market demands, and ever-evolving customer needs

Lower Total Cost of Ownership: Momentum delivers overall efficiencies that enable us to offer implementations at a competitive rate. Pre-configurations mean sites are much quicker and cost-effective to launch, with additional, scaled experiences even moreso.

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