Avalara 2021 Sales Tax Changes Report

Our partner Avalara has released their 2021 Sales Tax Change Report which examines emerging trends in business and tax and is a resource for business leaders and tax professionals seeking to better understand the ever-shifting tax landscape.

COVID-19 greatly impacted sales and use tax in 2020, from temporary relief efforts to long-term changes, including a crackdown on remote seller tax compliance, rate increases, and new taxation policies. As 2021 kicks off, now is the best time to revisit those changes, and get ahead of new legislation coming in the new year.

This report highlights:

  • Legislative changes and emerging trends
  • COVID-19’s effect on sales tax
  • Impacts on ecommerce, retail, services, manufacturing, and software businesses
  • Resources to stay up to date in 2021

Download the report now and help ensure sales tax doesn’t stand in the way of opportunity for your business. (You’ll be redirected to the Avalara site to download this content.)