Bringing Certainty to Magento Updates

Prioritizing platform upgrades is important and something that should be accounted for within yearly budget plans to avoid often greater costs down the line. The new Magento release cycle can seem like a daunting process for businesses that are unfamiliar with how it works. To combat this problem, we’ve created a fixed fee offering called ELEVATE™. Keeping Magento up to date helps you stay on top of security threats and allows you to take advantage of new and improved functionalities that can keep you ahead of the competition.


Magento uses semantic versioning. A.B.C, with A being the Major Version (e.g. Magento 1, Magento 2), B being the Minor Version (Magento 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3), and C being the Patch Version (Magento 2.1.1, 2.1.2, 2.1.3). Security Version releases are also indicated by -pN, where N is the incremental patch version beginning with one (Magento 2.1.3-p1).

Minor Version release (release frequency: 12-18 months)

  • This includes new features and functionality that require non-negligible code changes, including changes that are not backward compatible.

Patch Version release (release frequency: quarterly)

  • A patch release includes quality, performance, and security fixes. Magento may also use a patch release to publish functionality updates. Unlike with Magento 1, Magento 2 patch releases are full versions and follow an upgrade process just like any other release.

Security Version release (release frequency: quarterly)

  • Magento’s Security-Only releases will un-bundle security patches from features, allowing merchants to apply only the security fixes and keep their site secure at a lower cost.

The current update process can make it complicated to plan an annual commerce technology budget when the features and functionality and level of effort for each release is unknown in advance. Continually focusing on upgrades can also cause the deprioritization of other planned activities, which could impact potentially revenue-driving initiatives. Elevate addresses these concerns.

ELEVATE™ is an annual fixed-fee option for quarterly version releases. We will identify the estimated effort for a client’s annual upgrade retainer to stay current with Magento for 12 months. Our team will then develop a schedule and cadence for site updates based on the Magento release schedule. This will allow us to implement the planned number of patches and security releases on a client’s site as they are made available by Magento.

Digital commerce is skyrocketing, especially with the changes in shopping behavior due to COVID-19. This digital commerce growth will continue to rise, making it critical for merchants to make sure their sites are running the latest version of Magento to guarantee they’re taking advantage of the most current features and performance improvements. In turn, this will help deliver better customer experiences.

If you are interested in learning about Gorilla’s ELEVATE™ offering and how it can help your business focus on growth, connect with us and we’ll set up a time to discuss the offering in detail.