Haley Boblink

Haley Boblink, Gorilla’s Marketing Automation Practice Lead, analyzes the extinction of Bronto and what your organization’s next moves can be to make a seamless transition to a new platform.



We were a Bronto partner for many years, so let’s have a moment of silence for the excellent platform that Bronto was. It had some great features that were beloved by many, so the news this week of the platform’s sunset came as a bit of a blow to its customers. It was able to bring email marketing to new heights with its workflows and campaigns, and drag and drop functionality.

With the need for Bronto customers to find an alternative, let’s look at the options (alphabetically) for what can live up to (and maybe exceed) the potential that Bronto gave.


Emarsys has always been on the cutting edge of injecting personalized marketing at the perfect times for customers within their ecommerce buying journeys, and their recent acquisition by SAP has only bolstered that ability. With a stellar machine learning engine and lead nurturing capability, you will finally be able to unlock the secrets of your consumers. Here are some key organizational traits that best fit an Emarsys customer. Does this sound like you? Send us an email!

You may be a good fit for Emarsys if….

  • You have a large product assortment or a high volume of purchases
  • Your industry is B2C, especially ecommerce or retail
  • Your database size is more than 100k contacts
  • You’re looking to connect your commerce platform to integrate transactional data


Hubspot is one of the leaders in the B2C arena, and gaining fast traction among B2B industries as well. Hubspot’s intuitive UI and robust marketing capabilities make it a fan-favorite among marketers, with the ability to create custom properties and objects, link your social channels and CRM database, and truly create a cohesive bond between sales and marketing. Here are some key organizational traits that best fit a Hubspot customer. Does this sound like you? Send us an email!

You may be a good fit for Hubspot if….

  • You’re a B2C or services company
  • You’re looking to give your social channels a lift along with your email marketing
  • You want a stronger link between your sales and marketing teams
  • Your organization is looking for robust segmentation and dynamic personalization


For those looking to pair their marketing very tightly with their commerce/ecommerce, Klaviyo is the platform you’ve been searching for. Klaviyo has a track record of having direct integrations with scores of commerce platforms and in-depth purchasing analytics capabilities for customers. Their reporting and data science features allow you to segment your consumers based on their own behaviors so that you get the right content to the right people at the right times. And isn’t that what marketing is really about? Here are some key organizational traits that best fit a Klaviyo customer. Does this sound like you? Send us an email!

You may be a good fit for Klaviyo if….

  • Digital is a main part of your overall strategy
  • You want to harness the most out of the data you receive from your customers and their habits
  • You can already think of several platforms you’d like your marketing system to integrate with
  • Your customer’s personas are heavily influenced by their products of choice, or vice-versa.


The powerhouse of Adobe, Marketo is the B2B marketer’s best friend. Supercharged ABM capabilities with the power to house enterprise-level data make this a go-to platform many of the world’s largest organizations. It also has robust features and integrations such as SMS and webinar extensions to make sure that you can engage with your leads and customers no matter the circumstances. And since they’re an Adobe product, they fit seamlessly with other platforms in their ecosystem like Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Analytics. Here are some key organizational traits that best fit a Marketo customer. Does this sound like you? Send us an email!

You may be a good fit for Marketo if….

  • You are a B2B organization or looking to scale your marketing on an enterprise level
  • Your other systems (ecommerce, content, analytics) are also in the Adobe ecosystem
  • You have a capable CRM system in place
  • Your industry is complex, unique, or requires a lot of regulatory oversight


Still unsure of where to go next? Or maybe anxious about how to get there? Migrating platforms is no small feat. Gorilla Group can provide help every step of the way, from vendor selection, to strategy enablement, to auditing your current email practices, to data migration and implementation. And our track record as a Bronto Partner means that we have the expertise to get you from Point A to Point B without leaving anything behind. We can also streamline things along the way. Gorilla Group saw great value in the Transactional Email functionality Bronto offered, and created our own Marketing Connector that allows marketing platforms to connect to your ecommerce platform to provide a seamless flow of data and personalization opportunities.

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