Building Custom Middleware to Support a World-Class Ecommerce Experience

Edited by Tara McMeekin

Building a robust ecommerce solution and providing customers with the level of service they expect is a continuous journey for retailers. Commerce solutions are an indispensable tool for enabling organizations across the entire process — from browsing a storefront, capturing an order, shipment and tracking — to follow up and secure repeat purchases. For many, there is no one-size-fits-all technology that can provide the full suite of functionality needed to run an ecommerce storefront.

Enter the commercetools headless commerce platform. Based on modern microservice architecture, the platform takes a decentralized, API-driven approach to building the customer experience. It provides a robust and flexible platform, delivering everything from product catalog and pricing, to cart and order submission. When building on commercetools, integrating with back-office applications is critical to maintaining a seamless operational flow, generating insights, and maintaining consistent data. Gorilla Commerce Connector addresses that need and facilitates this integration with rapid velocity and simplicity.

Commerce Connector is a cloud-native, microservice SaaS solution that provides the glue between commercetools and your back-office applications, whatever they may be. A securely implemented set of services connect directly with the commercetools API. Built-in data transformations to common ERP and CRM platforms enable you to easily plug commercetools into your existing technology landscape. Commerce Connector already offer native support for more than 60 commercetools data types, and support for the full suite of data types is being implemented rapidly. The solution is also capable of running in any cloud environment, whether AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google, Gorilla’s own cloud, or another cloud provider. While out-of-the-box integrations to targeted ERP and CRM solutions are currently being developed, expansion into a broader set of back-office applications is also underway.

Commerce Connector data types


Commerce Connector is tailored for commercetools, and takes a holistic approach to supporting common integration needs. Communication from Commerce Connector to commercetools leverages end-to-end encryption with industry-standard authentication and authorization restrictions in place, ensuring your data is protected every step of the way. Fully hosted on Gorilla’s cloud infrastructure, and built with PCI compliance in mind, the solution can scale to your needs, and eliminate costly on-premise hosting.

The Commerce Connector roadmap allows for easy integration between commercetools and some of the most frequently used ERP solutions. This includes Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAP S/4 HANA, and Salesforce CRM. The Commerce Connector is not limited to these applications, however. Additional prebuilt tools are in the pipeline, and integrations with specific applications beyond this are always possible.

Gorilla Commercetools Connector

Speed to Market

Often, when organizations start down the path to integrate systems from multiple vendors that span business domains, a lengthy cycle of requirements, development and testing is required. When project schedules drag out, the maximum benefits of the software go unrealized until much later than originally anticipated. This results in staff-driven increases in operational overhead and inaccurate data, which causes miscalculations in strategic decision making.

Commerce Connector is a dynamically driven software solution tailored to commercetools and applications that merchants use across the organization. After choosing the Commerce Connector to integrate with your back-office tools, the Gorilla team assesses each end point and provides strategic direction for seamlessly splicing together the applications with commercetools. With Commerce Connector’s extensible model and industry-standard technology, we can execute your integrations and shorten the development cycle compared to using a generic integration tool or building middleware in-house.

Limited Development

Providing integration support for back-office systems with minimal development decreases the total cost of ownership of a commerce platform. Commerce Connector’s pre-built integrations minimize time-consuming and costly custom development processes. Our integrations are built with a standard template of data transformations to directly plug into these common back-office applications.

Every business has unique needs and Commerce Connector’s flexible architecture can be integrated into any application with an exposed service. Limited development is required when expanding into additional applications, and Gorilla’s team of subject matter experts can tailor your integration needs with the Commerce Connector.

Dedicated self-managed integration software can be demanding to implement and maintain over time. Leveraging a SaaS solution for application connectivity reduces reliance on internal technology resources. Taking this approach to integration allows businesses to reap the benefits of lower operating costs, rapid deployment, and far less maintenance.