Building A Better Customer Experience: A B2B Case Study

Learn How Bosch Power Tools took on the challenges of digital transformation on a global scale by embracing a headless and taking a phased approach to evolving the digital customer experience. Download: Building A Better Customer Experience: A B2B Case Study

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It isn’t just consumer-facing brands that are taking the subject of digital customer experiences seriously. Like consumers, professional and trade buyers more than appreciate the benefits that buying from, and interacting, with vendors through digital channels can commerce stats

Take a deep-dive look into how global manufacturer Bosch Power Tools is redefining their digital future and learn:

  • The barriers to transformation faced by global B2B brand like Bosch Power Tools
  • How a headless approach opened up possibilities to overcome those barriers
  • The major influence that the likes of Amazon are having on customer expectations in the B2B space
  • How the project is expected to impact Bosch’s B2B operations globally
  • Key lessons and advice other B2B operators can take away from Bosch’s journey

“Headless Changed The Thought Process…It Breaks Down Silos” Bosch Power Tools