Case Study: Lifting the Curtain on Transactional Emails with a Midwest Retailer and the Gorilla Marketing Connector

The Challenge:

This midwest retailer was looking to improve the state of their transactional emails. Their Magento ecommerce system was sending these automated emails, so any design or copy changes would require developer effort. They also faced personalization limitations, having to rely only on the data model their commerce system provided. Above all, they could not utilize any of the data being passed or observe and act upon metrics for any emails. It was like a large curtain covered this retailer’s transactional emails, leaving very little insight into their operation or effectiveness.

The Solution:

Gorilla worked with the client for a robust solution that would benefit marketing, reporting, and commerce teams.


  • Creating API frameworks to pass data and transactional email triggers from Magento to Hubspot
  • Personalization updates to tailor bespoke emails to customers
  • Establishing a modern email template
  • Creating emails that can be modified directly by designers and copywriters
  • Creating efficiencies to accelerate transactional email editing and publishing time from days to minutes
  • Capturing consumer data to inform long-term strategy
  • Expert advisory for designers, copywriters, and marketing leaders
  • Creative support for email design and asset refresh
  • Education and training for business users and designers
  • Specifications to document email triggers, personalization tokens, and business rules

The Result:

The implementation of Gorilla’s Marketing Connector drastically improved the time to market for transactional email changes. What previously required the collaboration of designers, copywriters, and developers over several days, now takes a matter of minutes for QA by business users with developer effort to implement complex changes to the main template or data model reduced by two-thirds.

The client saw a significant lift in their overall email metrics. After implementing the Gorilla Connector, they were able to find that the associated transactional emails resulted in a 50-90% open rate, with comparable click rates. The lift in engagement also contributed to an increase in overall sender reputation, as all emails, transactional and promotional, were being sent from the same domain.

Designers could also utilize Hubspot’s native functionalities like heatmaps and drag-and-drop components to determine effective design and copy placement. With help and advice from Gorilla’s creative team, our client transactional emails received a facelift, taking them from the typical plain-text HTML into the modern era of web design.

Finally, the Marketing Connector gave this retailer the ability to gather and utilize their customer’s data in a way that genuinely benefitted their end-users. Reporting capabilities through Hubspot now alert business analysts if there is a site issue (such as a large spike in sends of the ‘Forgot Password’ email). Data shared between commerce and Hubspot can link customers who have purchased opted-in contacts in their database, creating an entirely new marketing segment.

The Gorilla Marketing Connector lifted the curtain on transactional emails for a midwest retailer, allowing for better insight into their operation and effectiveness.