Closer Look: Bloomreach Search & Merchandising

Less time searching, more time converting.

Consumers crave personalized experiences from the moment they enter a website until the transaction is complete. And nowadays, the majority of online functionalities can be tailored to each user based on their shopping history, personal preferences, and related data. This adds a lot of pressure for online retailers to meet customer expectations.

The Solution

Enter industry-leading digital experience provider Bloomreach and their Search and Merchandising solution. This Artificial Intelligence-driven platform understands how each customer behaves and interacts with your site and then provides insights into their shopping journeys and unique preferences. This valuable data is later translated directly into action by customizing the product catalog per user—specifically the position of products on the search and browse result pages. This machine learning tool even considers best-selling products across customers and displays those at the top of product listings for better cross-sell opportunities.

Bloomreach Search and Merchandising’s (brSM) success is in its unique algorithm that strategically pairs human creativity with AI technology. This means that products are automatically boosted and buried based on customer preferences with no human intervention needed. Yet, the business user has the power to rearrange the final order of how products are displayed. The result? Extended functionality, trusted results, and ultimate control.

brSM in Action

30 days post-launch, search sessions increased 15.5%, search-related ecommerce conversion rate increased 7.3%, and revenue jumped 15.4%.

One of our clients chose brSM as their search provider while undergoing a site migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2. They were seeking to personalize the customer experience, which was a large endeavor considering their extensive product catalog. And Bloomreach proved to be the optimal solution for both the client and the client’s customers.

This B2C outdoor and recreation retailer sells tens of thousands of products online, and this expert system sorts and organizes merchandise automatically, alleviating a great deal of manual effort. But even more, brSM comes with a whole suite of tools—including predictive insights, visual merchandising, and measurable targeting and testing—that helps internal teams make smarter business decisions across departments.

For the end-user, brSM delivers a more relevant and enjoyable shopping experience. Instead of browsing through dozens of catalog pages, the right products are strategically positioned in front of the right customers. This customized experience encourages purchases while building up the brand’s reputation as a trusted retail advisor.

Since this functionality was implemented, along with their site redesign and Magento 2 re-launch (30 days post-launch), search sessions increased 15.5%, search-related ecommerce conversion rate increased 7.3%, and revenue jumped 15.4%.

What This Means For Your Business

Gorilla created an exclusive Magento 2 module for brSM. This extension paves the path for any brand manufacturers or retailers that are interested in integrating brSM into their Magento instance. Since our team can repurpose the module as a basic foundation, all that’s left is customizing its functionalities per client, resulting in quicker integration times and lower-costs compared to starting from scratch.

So, for online retailers looking to create richer, more meaningful online experiences, Bloomreach Search and Merchandising can prove to be an ideal solution. This AI platform empowers businesses and ensures that ecommerce websites are optimized to boost conversion rates, not bounce rates.