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THE PODCAST: IoT, flexible logistics, recommerce, and return fraud. It's all here. Commerce Confidential is Gorilla Group’s thought-provoking (and succinct!) spin on business podcasts. Randy Kohl, Head of Marketing, hosts an irreverent, insightful, and informative 15 minutes. Each episode explores a specific topic with business leaders, technology innovators, and digital commerce experts who leave the sales pitch at the door. This is where off-the-cuff meets on-the-record. 

THE HOST: An exceptional brand and consumer storyteller, Randy’s career spans leadership positions in D2C, B2B, corporate, journalism, agency roles, and every facet of communication. A thought leader on content, digital strategy, ecommerce, and emerging technology, his intrepid style highlights the guest’s expertise while showcasing his own industry experience. 

THE TOPICS: Spanning tech trends, user experience, omnichannel, fulfillment, digital transformation, and design, we take trending topics in commerce and turn them into a quick-hitting, easily digestible podcast. If you have 15 minutes, we have fast, informative fun; throw on during your lunch break, anytime throughout the day, or on the commute. 

Check out these highlights - compelling conversation starters and helpful business insights:

  • Wiliot has a computer the size of a postage stamp; Iot for everyday things is here

  • Flexe is reimagining flexible logistics; Warehousing-as-a-service is here

  • Recurate is actualizing recommerce; Circular fashion is here

  • Signifyd has upped order approval rates; Guaranteed fraud protection is here 

COMING UP: The metaverse (OCT.) and website accessibility (NOV.)

THE EPISODES: Shhhhh…Tell everyone.

All episodes are available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon music or wherever you get your podcasts.

Recommerce and Understanding the Circular Economy
Fashion-forward resale is getting a makeover. With technology as the tool to scale and increase accessibility, recommerce has emerged as a lucrative revenue generator for brands and an opportunity for consumers to save money and reduce their environmental impact. Karin Dillie, VP of Partnerships at Recurate, discusses the intersection of retail and sustainability, branded resale, and the future of circular fashion.

Peak Selling and Fraud Prevention Strategies
Ecommerce return fraud is widespread and wide-ranging. How can merchants verify buyer identity and intent to help protect the shopper journey - and the brand experience. In this episode, Megan Blissick, Head of Global Agency Partnerships at Signifyd, shares insights on the problem and the data-based solutions to promote customer understanding and protect revenue. Learn more at

IoT and Logistics Disruption
The power to communicate real-time, item-level information is here. IoT leader Wiliot’s pioneering platform connects the digital and physical worlds using a computer the size of a postage stamp. In this episode, we explore the technology that makes this possible plus how next-level visibility across industries impacts issues from supply chain transparency to inventory management. Join us for an exciting conversation with Tony Small, Wiliot’s Chief Business Officer. Want to learn more? Visit

Mastering Omnichannel Logistics
Thanks to world events, supply chain and logistics have gone from little discussed back-office functions to part of the public consciousness. In an omnichannel world, with sky-high consumer expectations, getting logistics right has become a vital necessity for brands and retailers, integral to the overall customer experience. In this episode, we’ll unpack that topic. For expert insights on everything from last mile fulfillment to DTC logistics challenges, we speak with Amazon veteran and Chief Technology Officer at Flexe, Dave Glick. Want to learn more? Visit

Taking Stock of the Digital Shelf
With brands routinely selling their products across multiple digital channels, having relevant, detailed, reusable product content and data, often across thousands of SKUs, is essential in delivering consistent customer experiences. On this episode, we speak with Dennis Peek of Wunderman Thompson Netherlands about all things digital shelf, their new product Shelf Master, and a little World Cup soccer to boot. Listen and find out what it takes to win on today’s digital shelf.

The ABC’s of CDPs
On this episode of Commerce Confidential, we get to the bottom of what a CDP is, the benefits of implementing a data platform, and what companies need to consider as they look to implement a CDP. Randy Kohl is joined by Gorilla Group's Head of Strategic CX Partnerships, Christopher Rothstein. Listen now.

Introducing Commerce Confidential
Welcome to Commerce Confidential, a new podcast by Gorilla Group, A Wunderman Thompson Company. As we begin this bold new endeavor, we give listeners an overview of what they can expect, some background on our intrepid host, Randy Kohl, and a few thoughts on the return of trade shows.

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