Custom Product Personalization Utilizing Magento

The famous Henry Ford quote “Any customer can have a car painted any color he wants so long as it is black” is not a motto that is highly regarded in the growing ecommerce industry.

Ecommerce channels are finding success and profits by allowing customers to customize their products to fit their exact preferences. With the flexibility of the Magento Enterprise platform, Gorilla and our ecommerce clients have collaborated to allow for unique product personalization within Magento’s product catalog. This accomplishes the client’s business goals and meets the demands of online shoppers. Below are a couple of examples of product personalization we’ve implemented for our customers.

The Paper Mill Store – For real-time product personalization, we integrated Adobe Scene 7 with Magento to create a custom envelope printing configurator supporting user-submitted artwork. Using this tool, customers can add personalization of hundreds of different envelope styles. To see the application in action, click here.

Scrubs123 – Scrubs123 is the primary retail ecommerce site of Medline Industries medical apparel division. Gorilla created the ability for medical staff to customize their scrubs with embroidery using a custom-built module. Many similar needs can be accommodated using Magento’s custom options system allowing users to enter unique options on a product-by-product basis.

The possibilities for product personalization using Adobe Scene 7 and Magento are nearly limitless. All that’s missing is the next client need.