Making Your Data Work Harder for the (Marketing) Money

Sarah Russom & Chris Rothstein

With countless tools available, mining customer data is a common practice, and according to Vision Critical from Forrester Research, “Businesses that have learned how to turn data into insight are on their way to dominating the market.”

Such tactics can influence a digital user’s experience by overcoming pain points throughout the customer journey while also uncovering trends that can be applied as future solutions. Most importantly: Solutions infused with data insights have the power to differentiate a brand in the marketplace by giving customers personalized and curated experiences.

But how do we get from data to engaged, loyal customers?

Insights-Driven Analytics Model

Gorilla Group’s Data & Insights team partners with clients to customize an advanced analytics strategy that can attribute and forecast the impact of marketing investments on brand performance and transform the brand-customer relationship. Equally important, such frameworks are intended to scale with evolving brand requirements, KPIs, and market needs.

Successful data strategies share similar characteristics, including:

  • Flexible roadmaps that leverage people, process, and technology
  • Solid data-collection foundation and governance processes, which lead to organizational confidence
  • Means of delivering the right data to the right people at the right time
  • A balanced input spanning Strategy, Implementation, and Insights

Beyond these commonalities, we customize each engagement using a blend of client information:

  • KPIs (goals, or other success metrics)
  • Current business model and requirements
  • Customer journey pain points
  • Curated tools chosen to support teams and goals

Data-turned-insights can then live in a centralized dashboard, from which teams pull learnings to forecast trends, measure past campaign performance and customer activity, define future marketing investments, improve segmentation and targeting, and build test-and-learn programs.

Our suite of deliverables, tools, and learning artifacts can be customized to each brand’s KPIs, goals, marketing tactics, etc., informing a roadmap that spans across strategy, implementation, and insights for a robust program.

Service Package


The sea of marketing technology providers is deep and varied, from Adobe Marketing Cloud and Google Analytics to Optimizely and Tealium. It’s important to keep in mind that what makes for a good partner is just as personal as your marketing goals. We have experience working with a range of partners and can guide you through the search and selection process. As part of our offerings, we also deliver strategic roadmaps, implement the data governance plans, customize tools and process trainings, and optimize strategy based on revised KPIs, learnings from test programs, or market changes.


Whether it’s creating custom frameworks, adding the strategic data layer, or performing a regular confidence audit, our Data & Insights experts will ensure the system is set up to spec and ready to process and extract data for actionable tactics.


Furthering customer intelligence requires the right set of reporting tools, a well-designed dashboard, and ongoing data analysis. A robust insights toolkit includes a custom mix of these items as well as a conversion audit, action-oriented modeling (AOM™), and plan for testing and personalization. From there, we interpret the range of data to find meaning, which informs solutions and increases the value of your data.

Gorilla offers full-service ecommerce support, including strategy and user experience design, development, managed services and hosting. Through this collaboration, we deliver holistic, data-backed solutions that help clients scale in response to customer needs.

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