Katie Fiechter

It is becoming increasingly important for brands to be able to deliver multichannel commerce experiences to their customers. One of the many things needed to deliver multichannel commerce experiences is a seamless integration between digital commerce and marketing automation platforms.

We saw an opportunity in this area, especially when Adobe acquired Magento. We also saw a need for a marketing automation tool that can serve as a link between any combination of marketing automation solutions and ecommerce platforms.

Here at Gorilla Group, we formed a team to build our newest proprietary IP: custom middleware that serves as an Ecommerce – Marketing Connector. This automation tool can serve as a link between your Ecommerce channel and…

  • Marketo
  • Hubspot
  • Emarsys
  • Klaviyo

With the potential for other marketing automation endpoints depending on client needs.

The connector provides all the functionality needed to support transactional emails, profile centers, preference centers, and lead/data synchronization with a zero-code solution, meaning that no developer is needed after the connector is integrated with the ecommerce and marketing automation platforms. The connector also allows all emails, both marketing and transactional, to be created and sent from a single system, allowing for more cohesion between marketing campaigns and commerce to deliver a more consistent brand experience.

This integration allows for a multitude of customer-centric use cases by adding personalization and intelligence into everyday emails. For example, related products can be suggested in order confirmation emails, or insight-driven abandon cart campaigns can be created. A vast amount of data can also be collected, which can then be used in reporting and analytics. This can range from user information (name, address, preferences, email, etc.) or product information (cart contents, order types, etc.). Along with the ability to have user data shared between the systems, which can result in a broader analytics dataset, and a more holistic view of the demographics between engaged and unengaged customers.



  • Adds a lead to a smart campaign
  • Auto-add Lead record
  • Require that all leads be new leads
  • Require that leads do not belong to an existing static or smart list
  • Update lead attribute values
  • Support message tokens


  • Create, Retrieve, Update, and Delete custom object records


  • Add a lead to a static list
  • Remove a lead from a static list
  • Retrieve members of a static list


  • Add a lead to a smart list by toggling a membership attribute
  • Remove a lead from a smart list by toggling a membership attribute
  • Retrieve Smart List Members
  • Add a lead to a program or change their program status


Data can be utilized based on clients specific needs and can be implemented to comply with the company’s data privacy policy

  • User information (name, address, preferences, email, etc.)
  • Product information (cart contents, order types, etc.)


Purchase Flows & Confirmations

  • Account Creation / welcome emails
  • In-Store Purchase (with applicable ERP connection) and Online Purchase confirmations
  • Form submission confirmations


We implemented our Ecommerce Marketing Connector for a premier recreational furniture retailer. We worked with the client to create a robust solution which would benefit marketing, reporting, and commerce teams.

This included:

  • API frameworks to pass data and transactional email triggers from Magento to Hubspot
  • Personalization updates to tailor bespoke emails to customers
  • Establishing a modern email template
  • Creating emails that can be modified directly by designers and copywriters
  • Creating efficiencies to accelerate transactional email editing and publishing time from days to minutes
  • Capturing consumer data to inform long-term strategy
  • Expert advisory for designers, copywriters, and marketing leaders
  • Creative support for email design and asset refresh
  • Education and training for business users and designers
  • Specifications to document email triggers, personalization tokens, and business rules

The implementation of Gorilla’s Marketing Connector drastically improved the time to market for transactional email changes, with a more than 250% decrease in effort required. The client also saw a lift in their overall email metrics. After implementing the Gorilla Connector, they were able to find that the associated transactional emails carried with them a 50-90% open rate, with comparable click rates, and an increase in their overall sender reputation.

The Ecommerce Marketing Connector is an exclusive Gorilla Group offering that is ready to be implemented for clients today. Connect with us to schedule a short demo, or for additional information and questions.