Enhance Customer Insights for Magento AEM Clients

Dechay Watts

Gorilla IP: New Tagging Containers and Integrated Dashboards

Magento has long had reporting functionality that provided customers with access to essential commerce data, such as Average Order Value and Customer Lifetime Value. However, access to commerce data doesn’t make an impact on its own. Companies must analyze commerce data alongside other data and uncover insights to truly optimize their digital experiences.

Now that Adobe has acquired Magento, the door is open for a more robust understanding of how customers behave in the digital landscape, as Magento Commerce and Adobe Analytics begin to interconnect. Adobe has launched several integrations and extensions to ramp up behavioral analytics. This includes the Adobe Experience Platform Launch extension for quick deployment of tag management. This extension enables data to flow between Magento Commerce and Adobe Analytics and makes it easier to deploy and manage analytics, marketing, and advertising tags to drive successful customer experiences. Features include:

  • More than 40 pre-built events, line form submissions, clicks, and page views
  • Ability to create custom events, conditions, exceptions, and data elements
  • Ability to define the sequence in which rules and tags should fire
  • Independent tag firing to prevent tags from slowing down web pages

As Adobe continues to integrate platforms and build out its analytics tools, Gorilla Group continues exploring new ways to unlock the value of these integrations for our clients. Our analytics experts have created a reusable container for tag management on the combined Magento-AEM platform to provide a foundational data capture and reporting capability for Magento-AEM clients. In addition to the reusable container for rules and events, dashboards are set up within Adobe Analytics to support multiple business roles, including:

  • Overall Ecommerce Dashboard
  • Regional Dashboard – featuring region or state-by-state granularity
  • Account Manager ID Dashboard (B2B-centric)
  • Account # Dashboard (B2B-centric)
  • Payer # Dashboard (B2B-centric)
  • User ID Dashboard (B2B-centric)

For each role, dashboards show KPIs for sessions, page views, orders, revenue, average order value, ecommerce conversion rate, and bounce rate.

These strategic dashboards display KPIs most applicable to optimizing site performance through data-driven decisions. Using these dashboards, our Insights Team can provide recommendations for improving site performance and making website updates that affect bottom line business goals, such as:

  • Increasing online registrations
  • Increasing ecommerce orders
  • Increasing order size
  • Increasing share of wallet
  • Increasing annual revenue per customer
  • Increasing customer lifetime value
  • Decreasing customer attrition

Overall knowledge of customer behavior increases immediately after implementing Gorilla Group’s tagging container topped with these strategic dashboards for the combined AEM Magento platform. The sooner you increase the maturity of your analytics, the sooner you’ll be able to tap into the insights from your data. We all understand that buyer expectations change rapidly, so let’s get started.

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