Featured Partner: ShipHawk

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We all know freight shipping today is a fragmented and opaque experience.

  • Sellers need to develop individual relationships with carriers, limiting service options, price comparisons, and reach.
  • The use of quotes rather than rates introduces risk into pricing.
  • Inability to provide pricing for all goods at point of sale scares customers away.
  • The lack of visibility to shipment status between pickup and delivery leaves sellers and their customers in the dark.

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This month’s featured partner, ShipHawk, is innovating the ecommerce sector by automating shipping and distribution processes through technology. No matter how big, how many, or how diverse the items to be shipped, ShipHawk’s unique platform offers your business instant price comparisons, optimal delivery options, and intelligent packaging solutions that minimize costs, improve sales, and provide a seamless customer experience.

By aggregating transportation and logistics data from all types of shipping carriers across the US into a single platform, ShipHawk brings the shipping experience from cart-to-customer, arming retailers with the intelligence needed to make better shipping decisions and facilitate business growth.

With ShipHawk you get:

  • Real-Time Fully Loaded Pricing for Freight, Parcel, and Specialty services
  • Shipping Automation to avoid manual efforts
  • Packaging Optimization at the item, box, and pallet level
  • Status Tracking for all shipments from Order to Delivery
  • Access to a large, diverse marketplace of carriers and services to ensure the best price for service level options

ShipHawk is a game-changer for us. It eliminates the work we are doing manually, and its pricing automation technology ensured we are getting the best rate for our customers.ShipHawk customer and CEO of a high-end consignment furniture online marketplace

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By providing instant, accurate, and service-appropriate shipping rates directly in the cart, the online marketplace lowered their shipping costs by 20% and improved conversion rates. ShipHawk’s dedication to increasing businesses’ margins and improving conversion rates makes them an excellent Featured Partner.

For more information about how ShipHawk can be an asset to your online store, email