Gorilla Group Releases Fifth Annual B2B Ecommerce Benchmarking Report

How will you set yourself apart from the competition? Download the 5th edition of our B2B Ecommerce Benchmarking Report and find out how. Filled with exclusive data and analysis, the Benchmarking Report can help you uncover the strategic and tactical opportunities that help shorten the path to innovation. Download the report now.

B2B ecommerce has come a long way since the launch of this report in 2014. It’s evident that many B2B manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers have embraced digital change, especially after this strenuous year. We have noticed that the rate of adoption for many key commerce features and functions has plateaued. We believe this creates a new opportunity for B2B brands to leap ahead of their industry peers.


  • Industry Snapshot
  • Organizational Data
  • Digital Commerce Offerings
  • Trending Toward Transparency
  • Drive Purchase Through Product
  • Connected Customer Care
  • Content and the Customer Journey

Stand out from the crowd. Download Gorilla Group’s B2B Ecommerce Benchmarking Report.