Gorilla Contributes to Magento’s B2B Commerce Best Practices Book

Are you ready to become the digital hero of your B2B organization?

Magento recently released their B2B Commerce Best Practices Book, a comprehensive asset focused on providing B2B merchants with the strategies and tactics central to successfully navigating digital transformation to grow loyalty and business.

The Book is focused on providing B2B merchants with strategies to become the ‘H.E.R.O’ of their organizations. You’ll learn how to:

+ Influence Buying Habits
+ Reduce Expenditures
+ Grow Revenue
+ Create Opportunities

In the Book, Gorilla discusses the importance of creating a solution that not only addresses customers, but also internal teams like customer service reps, product managers, marketing managers and IT resources. Understanding how each role will interact with your B2B ecommerce solution is critical to meeting growth and profitability goals.

For Gorilla’s tips, plus nearly 50 pages of additional information, best practices and advice, download the whitepaper here.