Gorilla Group

Gorilla Group has rolled out our Marketing Platform Audit, designed to help build a roadmap toward holistic marketing improvements. For organizations that are struggling with meeting key metrics, low or stagnant engagement, underperforming campaigns, or disconnection between data and delivery, the Gorilla Group Marketing Platform Audit can help.

All audits begin with a workshopping session to determine what’s successful, potential pain points, and the best path forward. Once the groundwork has been laid, our audit consists of three pillars:

  • Design Assessment – a vendor selection tailor-made to your businesses needs and goals
  • Functional Assessment – an audit for three dimensions – functional, technical, and design – leading to initiatives and prioritization for migration
  • Technical Assessment – migration of any previously determined contacts, templates, emails, etc. into your new platform, live with all prioritized data

Whether your organization is new to marketing strategy or just needs to take a step back and assess its current process, Gorilla Group’s Marketing Platform Audit ensures that no part of your marketing ecosystem gets overlooked. Take a look at our comprehensive overview by clicking for full details.