Gorilla IP: Magento B2B Demo Storefront

For all the talk about B2B buyers demanding B2C shopping experiences, the reality is far more nuanced. The need for engaging, low-friction experiences is universal. Beyond that, the way consumers and B2B customers engage with brands varies greatly, requiring very different types of digital commerce solutions.

For starters, B2B customers don’t come to your site to “shop”. They come to buy what they need and then get on with their day. Consumers may seek inspiration. B2B buyers come to your site needing information. Purchase workflows and approval processes are more complex. Pricing, payment terms, and product mix may vary from customer to customer. Because of these reasons, and many more, B2B merchants don’t need consumer-like experiences to succeed. They need to offer their customers tailored, relevant “business-like” ecommerce experiences.
B2B Customer hierarchies

Magento B2B

Magento has long recognized this distinction for some time. And as a result, they’ve created a B2B commerce solution that enables manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers to create business-centric ecommerce experiences that still incorporate consumer-like usability.

This incorporates a number of sales enablement and customer self-service tools. These include role-based account permissioning, credit management, and custom catalogs and pricing, among other features. The solution can be made more robust with the addition of Magento Order Management and Business Intelligence. And with Magento now being part of the Adobe Experience Cloud, market-leading products like Marketo and Adobe Analytics be integrated to create a complete digital commerce ecosystem.

Next Level Magento B2B

We know from working with dozens of B2B companies that no two have the same needs and requirements. However, across each distinct industry and business type there are core themes in terms of features and functions that are common to many brands. So, while Magento B2B serves as a great starting point, we’ve identified a complete roadmap of features that can serve to expedite time-to-value for brands needing a robust, tailored B2B ecommerce solution.

The Gorilla B2B Demo Storefront takes native Magento B2B capabilities further. We launched the B2B demo storefront at Magento Imagine, featuring a reimagined front-end user experience based on the needs of an actual B2B Distributor. This included a redesigned homepage that populates key account-level information – orders, invoices, quotes – upon login, providing account users with instant access to the information they interact with most often. It also added functionality to enable bulk ordering on product detail pages, something that is not part of native Magento B2B.

Since then, we’ve continued to execute on the product roadmap, creating iterative releases of functionality based on priority and marketplace demand. Without getting into a laundry list of individual features, the B2B storefront enhancements focus on five key areas:

  1. Account Administration
  2. Advanced Product & Catalog Options
  3. Enhanced Quoting Functionality
  4. Customer Order Workflows
  5. Customer Order Management

Collectively, the added features in our B2B storefront address many of the most common needs for B2B distributors and manufacturers. And we’re able to strengthen this solution with each subsequent release. With the addition of business-specific systems integrations (e.g. ERP system) and enhancements to accommodate specific user use cases, can deliver ecommerce experiences that empower their customers, enable their sales teams, drive channel growth, and bring greater efficiency to the business.

Would you like to see the Gorilla Magento B2B storefront in action? Get in touch and we’ll set up a time to demo the solution and discuss how it can be adapted to take your brand’s digital commerce program to the next level.