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Gorilla Launches on Magento 2

We’re excited to announce the launch of a newly redesigned and developed ecommerce channel for HomesAlive Pet Centre on the Magento 2 platform.

We worked with the rapidly-growing Canadian pet supply retailer in an effort to shift their ecommerce strategy away from maintenance of an intensive, legacy platform towards future-looking, intelligent solutions and growth.

We upgraded HomesAlive to Magento 2 to set the merchant on track towards meeting their ambitious, omnichannel goals with a stable and enterprise-grade platform.


Key features of the ecommerce channel include close integration with their three (and counting) brick and mortar storefronts, allowing for a single view of customer purchasing habits in-store and online, as well as customer-friendly shipping rules to allow for subsidization in order to make Canadian shipping costs more palatable to the end customer. marks the first of many Magento 2 projects for Gorilla, and we’re looking forward to helping current and future clients grow with the next-generation platform.

View the case study.