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Gorilla’s Retail Ecommerce Lookbook

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Today’s shoppers have a wide range of purchasing options – from brick & mortar specialty shops and department stores to online and mobile retailers – and have come to expect seamless and easy-to-navigate customer experiences on each and every channel.

According to a survey by customer experience solution company, Foresee, more than a quarter of purchases are made on a channel outside of where the process started, and 41% of shoppers are using two or more channels during the purchase process. As a result of these trends increasing in prevalence, retailers must now ensure that each and every shopping channel is both user experience- and purchase-oriented.

In an effort to offer valuable insights to retailers planning, or currently undergoing, a digital transformation, we’ve compiled a retail ‘lookbook’ of industry-leading best practices. We hope this guide will serve as a resource to inspire and assist with future ecommerce growth initiatives.

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