D2C Ecommerce Playbook

In the not so distant past, brand manufacturers and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies had limited options to distribute their products. These options mainly consisted of winning position and shelf space in department or discount stores, supermarkets, and big box retailers. However, more and more, brands of various stages of maturity are developing D2C channels as customer journeys become increasingly fragmented.

By directly serving the consumer through an ecommerce channel, brand manufacturers can gain insights about product demand, yield higher margins, obtain customer data directly, and improve brand satisfaction by aligning with customer needs and opening new communication channels.

In this Playbook, we outline a sampling of ideas, recommendations, and opportunities, alongside real world examples, to assist in developing a direct to consumer channel. Whether you’re just getting a D2C ecommerce channel off the ground, or are looking to upgrade an existing one, we hope this playbook will serve as a valuable resource to assist with strategic planning.

Download the D2C Playbook.