It’s RFP Season. Now What?

Spring may just be another calendar season, but for many online retailers considering a new ecommerce platform - it’s RFP season.

For multi & omni-channel retailers, a strong ecommerce platform, equipped with the features and services you need, is the cornerstone of driving and growing a successful business. While the decision to replatform can be both daunting and complex, utilizing an RFP (Request for Proposal) can be an effective tool to define your requirements, compare vendors and platform technologies, and most importantly, to find the right partner for your vision and brand. We’ve assembled a few resources to inform your RFP and decision-making criteria.

When searching and selecting your platform partner, the right fit extends beyond the technologies and their functionality. In fact, we consider that the “easy” part. To ensure a successful, long term partnership, consider the people and the process that drive the solution and how they’ll help achieve your ecommerce goals. For more information on this threefold relationship, download our whitepaper: People, Process and Technology: The Digital Rule of Three

Structuring your RFP is no easy task, but our partners at BigCommerce worked to make it as straightforward as possible. The BigCommerce team has compiled a comprehensive list of questions to ask before you migrate, outlining everything you may (or may not) need to consider when evaluating a potential platform partner. BigCommerce also offers a free RFP template to help you establish business goals, gather key information, and better inform your search.

For assistance navigating the replatform process from start to finish, use our updated Replatforming Checklist whitepaper as a guiding resource. In this whitepaper, you’ll find crucial considerations, tips, insights, and first-hand case studies to help guide your replatform project to success.

When you sign a replatforming contract, you’re doing much more than just purchasing the software. You’re forging a long-term partnership to create an end-to-end ecommerce solution to drive your business. So when it comes time to select partners, be thoughtful, thorough, and transparent in your RFP vetting process to ultimately select the right partners for your needs.