The State of Commerce Experience, a Forrester Research Study, commissioned by Bloomreach

65% of consumers and 79% of B2B customers face challenges when researching or purchasing online. And only 14% of consumers and 22% of B2B customers say their most recent online experience was completely personalized to them. Many businesses are ill-informed about what customers really want. Consumers and B2B buyers expect efficient, engaging, and relevant experiences that work seamlessly across all digital interfaces. Businesses struggle to identify and deliver the right content at critical moments on the path to purchase. Better alignment between what buyers expect and what sellers offer has never been more important.

Download the report and gain exclusive access to the Forrester Research Study on “The State of Commerce Experience”. This study provides you with information on the behaviors and expectations of consumers in their online experiences and how this is relative to Covid-19. Learn more about valuable market insights on digital investments, business priorities, and the channels and capabilities businesses are offering to serve customers.

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