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Our parent company, Wunderman Thompson, has released The Forgotten Shopper report. This study, an off-shoot of the annual Future Shopper Report, takes a look into “Silver Economy” consumers that are oftentimes overlooked shoppers in today’s commerce landscape.


59% of global shoppers over the age of 55 say that their shopping habits have permanently changed as a result of the pandemic. The Silver Economy has become overlooked and sidelining such a crucial segment could lead to missing out on some of the biggest online spenders.

Wunderman Thompson has released The Forgotten Shopper report, exploring the often forgotten demographic and arguably the most significant players in the economy — consumers aged 55 and over. From 17 markets across the globe, this report dives into the shopping habits, preferences, and behaviors of global consumers aged 55 and above with expert insight from Gorilla Group, and other companies within Wunderman Thompson.

Download the Forgotten Shopper Report and discover why brands should stop overlooking more mature consumers.


  • COVID-19 and Its Impact
  • The Customer Journey
  • Fulfillment
  • Making The Case For D2C
  • Marketplaces
  • Social Commerce
  • Ethics and Sustainability
  • The Future of Commerce

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