Webinar: Deliver B2B Commerce Success in 2020

B2B companies face complex issues every day due to an ever-evolving marketplace. In order to keep up, B2B businesses need to be able to embrace the fact that digital buying is accelerating. Traditional roles still play an important part, but B2B companies need to begin to think about self-service, efficiency, and speed to meet customer expectations.

Join Gorilla Group CTO Chris Kostakis and Elastic Path VP, Industry Solutions Andrej Maihorn for an executive conversation on the multitude of issues B2B companies face daily. In this webcast, they answer questions sourced directly from business leaders at the forefront of manufacturing, distribution, and wholesale. This prompt 30-minute webinar will provide an abundance of information and ideas on how B2B companies can improve their business practices in the digital age.

Topics will include:

  • Dispelling headless commerce myths and developing actionable strategies
  • Overcoming technical debt to regain a path to innovation
  • Aligning organizations to develop a digital-first mindset
  • Doing Business versus Amazon Business

The webcast is now available on-demand, you can download it now and discover different ways your B2B company can approach the digital transformation journey.