AGCO is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of agricultural machinery and equipment, with over a dozen brands and operations spanning five continents. We initially connected with AGCO to explore opportunities to lower opportunity costs and increase efficiencies, both internally and across their global distributor network, through the revamp of their ecommerce channel. After identifying catalog data issues early on, we initiated a separate project that led to the creation of a consolidated Product Information Management (PIM) solution.


AGCO has long utilized SAP as its system of record, but their approach to ecommerce had been largely driven at the regional level. We initially engaged with the North American division to perform an in-depth, side-by-side platform selection process. After detailed requirements gathering and use case-informed product demos, hybris was selected as the incumbent ecommerce platform. During our initial discovery sessions around the ecommerce deployment, we identified deficiencies in product data; the result of data becoming siloed in multiple databases over time. Understanding that this would add complexities to development and limit efficiencies in the new ecommerce solution, we decided to take a step back and focus on getting their product information in order.

hybris Product Content Management (PCM) was used to create a master data management solution. We worked with AGCO to standardize product attributes and data points and define an ongoing data management strategy. After compiling and scrubbing data from dozens of data sources, determining import/export functionality, and customizing the user cockpit to meet business needs, we deployed a consolidated product management tool consisting of over 500,000 SKUs and 10 million records. This provides AGCO with a single source of product information that can be used to quickly push product content across channels, simplifies ongoing data management, and creates efficiencies throughout the organization, from marketing, to order processing, to customer service.


The PIM rollout lays the foundation for global ecommerce initiatives, beginning with the re-launch of a category-specific North American B2B2C ecommerce channel and subsequent B2B2C channel through their dealer network. The effective time to market for the ecommerce channel has been condensed with this deployment and puts AGCO one step further down the path of digital transformation.

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