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Headquartered in Montreal, Atrium Innovations is a recognized global leader in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of innovative nutritional health products, consisting of 13 distinct brands operating in 35 countries.Over the last several years, Atrium has partnered with Gorilla Group to broaden their digital commerce capabilities for multiple brands within their portfolio. This includes enhanced B2B capabilities and adding new B2B2C functionality to empower each brand’s customers, and, ultimately, propel individual brand growth.

Using Magento Enterprise to power the solution, we’ve adapted the commerce platform to meet a wide range of brand and business needs, while offering pertinent strategies and integrating the key systems that bring more efficiency to their businesses. Here’s a sampling of what we’ve done.

Klean Athlete

Design and user experience played integral roles in driving the commerce solution for Klean Athlete. From telling their unique brand story to using a responsive framework to reach users across device types to offering customers configurable product bundle options, design and UX considerations were at the forefront of every decision.

Behind the scenes, we ensured the environment was scalable to perform optimally under peak loads by conducting extensive pre-launch testing and mock deployments in collaboration with the Klean Athlete team. With the power to enable dozens of account reps to simultaneously access the admin panel to assist customers and make order adjustments, the site functions as a primary sales and product education channel for the brand.


The Seroyal project encompassed a complete site redesign and re-platform to provide functionality and a user experience in line with the brand’s positioning as a leader in holistic healthcare. To accomplish this, the final solution enables a two-fold approach to customer engagement. Multiple paths to product discovery were introduced to simplify product discovery and the purchasing process for medical practitioners. The site also serves as a portal for Seroyal’s robust Continuing Medical Education programs. This allows Seroyal to educate their customers about new products and modalities, and offer them Continuing Education credits to further their careers.

With separate U.S. and Canadian site instances sharing a common codebase, the solution allows Seroyal to efficiently rollout cross-border commerce to their entire North American customer base.

Douglas Labs

We collaborated with the Douglas Labs team to implement a brand refresh within their existing Magento Enterprise site. To improve navigation and the shopping flow, we reorganized product categories and introduced drop-down menu options. We improved the homepage layout to increase visual appeal and more accurately tell the brand story. And we introduced enhanced product compare functionality to allow customers to quickly isolate differences between similar product types.

Pure Encapsulations

Our initial ecommerce project with Atrium resulted in the launch of brand-focused ecommerce site for Pure Encapsulations that brought direct purchasing capabilities to medical practitioners and their patients. We’ve since implemented multiple iterations to continually improve the site experience. Read the full case study.


We worked with the Wobenzym team to seamlessly integrate a new storefront with their existing brand site to simplify product ordering and replenishment.

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