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Family Video is the largest video rental chain in the United States. The company surpassed Blockbuster in 2013 with nearly 800 locations in 19 states and Canada.In the era of streaming and on demand video services, the agile company has grown revenue, employees, and real estate over the years by expanding focus to new ventures and properties such as Stay Fit 24 gyms, Marco’s Pizza restaurants, and an electronic repair business, Digital Doc.

Family Video had been selling new and used DVDs and video games operating on an outdated ecommerce platform and was seeking to replatform in order to stabilize and future-proof their digital properties. The savings associated with maintaining the legacy platform could be used to drive additional revenue by scaling other brands and business units alongside on a single platform.

In addition to stabilizing their platform, the company was also looking to improve the user experience (UX) and incorporate omnichannel capabilities and architecture for future, multi-brand use.

We implemented a dual-site strategy for Family Video – their public-facing ecommerce site, which is available to all users, and their retail site, which is accessible within the Family Video physical store network. This site is used by store associates to locate film titles beyond the inventory of their brick and mortar locations, allowing for an “endless aisle” approach to browsing films.

We worked closely with the company to data cleanse and import their robust product catalog of more than 100,000 items, and prioritized user experience through rich visuals and well-organized user generated content. The company’s robust catalog of titles, along with EDI integrations with film production studios and third party suppliers, has made the website a destination for titles ranging from recent Hollywood releases to niche, difficult-to-find and cult-classic films and games.

As their digital commerce program continues, Gorilla and Family Video’s parent company, Highland Ventures, will continue to implement omni-channel capabilities across their brands and web properties. For example, we’ll be implementing reserve online, pickup in store functionality to complement the company’s natural pairing of Family Video and Marco’s Pizza, as well as ecommerce initiatives for other brands as the organization continues to evolve with technology and user expectations.

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