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As a recognized leader in the HVAC industry, the climate control solution manufacturer and its subsidiaries provide the most energy-efficient and innovative products in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration industries.Lagging in their digital maturity, the company partnered with us to develop a solution that clearly positions them as a digital leader in the HVAC industry. With goals including architecting “at launch” and long-term technology road maps, as well as accelerating customer acquisition and growing market share, we were tasked with creating a digital commerce hub to activate HVAC distributors across North America, serving to increase brand presence and position the company at the center of their customer’s day-to-day business operations.

To be successful, the solution needed to focus on the holistic customer experience, so we approached this from all angles, encompassing everything from technology to SEO.

The foundation of the solution is a multifaceted technology infrastructure. This leverages a version of Hybris DataHub, which we customized, to create deep integration with a legacy SAP install that sits at the heart of the business. It also incorporates SharePoint integration into the presentation layer, which is the first deployment of its kind within the Hybris ecosystem. At the same time, we architected the technology solution to allow for the gradual deprecation of SharePoint, as the manufacturer migrates to new enterprise CMS and document management tools.

Turning to the user experience, we coordinated design and UX activities with our Customer Experience Management (CXM) team. We provided SEO consultation, ranging from URL strategy to technical on-site optimization. We augmented this by creating content governance processes to guide content creation over the long-term, and assisted with content development to improve product discovery.

We separated the site browsing experiences for authenticated and unauthenticated visitors. We streamlined the user registration process, in turn dramatically reducing the new account creation process by over 90%. Intuitive customer quote creation was also introduced into the system, adding B2B2C ecommerce capabilities into the solution.

Using technology to delve deeper into the user experience, we advised the manufacturer on a new approach to inventory management. By shifting from “assigned” local stores to geo-availability by zip code, we not only altered how the organization approaches inventory control, but also simplified the purchasing process for their distributors. We took this geo-targeting approach a step further and enabled attribute-driven content to provide customers with relevant products based on location, so customers in California and New York are presented with content and product appropriate to their location.

Through fusion of design and modern web implementation, we were able to create an interface that’s adaptive and better serves the end user. All core functionality including: shopping, checkout, account management, and more, display with the screen size and orientation in mind, which ensures a polished user experience. A simplified color palette and concise typography support clear communication and cohesion across the entire site experience.

HVAC professionals are busier than ever, and time really is money. Our new website was designed to provide one-stop-shopping for instant access to product information and ordering, training tools and specifications, to help people in our industry work smarter, not harder. From the rooftop to the desktop, our new ecommerce solution helps industry professionals maximize growth opportunities as they manage their businesses efficiently and effectively on the go.

Senior Manager, E-commerce

The successful ecommerce launch is just the beginning. Through custom event, funnel, and cross-domain tracking setup by our CXM team, we’re able to gather data that generate actionable insights. We’re managing the company’s paid SEM/PPC campaigns across text and display ads to augment customer acquisition campaigns tied to launch. And we’re creating post-launch strategies, both onsite and off, to keep the brand top of mind among current and potential customers.

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