Hydro Flask

Since introducing its first product line, Hydro Flask has expanded at warp speed, rapidly adding new customers, fans, and employees. With that growth came the challenge of shaping a brand that was in line with the founder’s vision.

So, they partnered with us to create the definitive brand reference that defined their visual and creative style. We created a fully functional brand book, combining past brand work with additional exploration of design, color, typography, logo usage, and voice. The end result: One cohesive reference piece encompassing the brand’s look and feel.

Following the brand guide, Hydro Flask wanted to expand into the branded content realm in an authentic and credible way. So, we developed the strategy and content behind the hugely popular “The Mindshift Mantra” campaign. Fused with beautiful photography and a perspective that resonated from the heart of the brand, we encouraged its biggest fans to take a moment to pause, notice, and appreciate the small instances of inspiration in the everyday. In doing so, users navigated an online quiz to create their own sharable Hydro Flask-style mantra. The response was overwhelmingly positive, with more than 90 percent of online users completing the quiz and sharing their mantras across brand and fan social feeds.

Over the course of several seasons we maintained and enhanced HydroFlask.com including a redesign of their homepage. Their goals? Better visibility of website content, increased product breadth awareness, and clear displays of color—ultimately conveying fun and inclusivity—Hydro Flask brand staples. We answered with a multidimensional homepage refresh by moving to a featured marquee + story grid mix of content. This offered a stage for new storytelling opportunities, letting Hydro Flask feature key content while balancing commerce to catch the interest of new and returning visitors.

To show Hydro Flask’s growing product offerings at a glance, we built an interactive product category bar and provided an element of fun by animating specific category products upon hover. This allows quick access to category pages, streamlining the shopping experience.