A Clear Vision of Innovative Design + Omnichannel Strategy

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The Opportunity

An international launch necessitates an updated ecommerce and in-store experience


JINS is Japan’s largest eyewear company by volume, specializing in combining fashion with functionality to create custom, affordable, fashion-forward glasses. When they decided to expand into the highly-competitive U.S. market, they turned to Gorilla Group to help shape an omnichannel commerce strategy that included a brand new ecommerce experience that could work hand-in-hand with their trademark in-store experience. 

Beginning in 2014, we dove deep into the existing experiences their delighted customers expected. We built a clean, product-centric design that performs seamlessly across all device types, first in Magento, then migrating to Magento 2. We then leveraged the same platform for a tablet-based app store associates could use to offer endless aisle shopping and an intuitive point-of-sale tool.


Privacy and security were prime factors in the design and execution since JINS deals with customers’ protected health information, and therefore needed their systems to be fully compliant with HIPAA laws. ADA compliance was also important to JINS, and we ensured the site and app met or exceeded all requirements. 

The Results
Now many years into our partnership, JINS’ North American footprint has grown exponentially, both with physical store locations and ecommerce metrics. We continue to offer support and growth initiatives for continuous improvement of the brand’s ecommerce strategy.

Revenue (YoY)

+ 45.1%

New Users

+ 31.6%


+ 27.3%