Kimberly Clark

Consisting of some of the world’s best-known consumer brands used by billions of people worldwide every day, Kimberly-Clark has a 140 year history of producing essentials for a better life.We first engaged with Kimberly-Clark as they explored opportunities to enable global direct-to-consumer sales for a number of their flagship brands. Over the course of months, we worked with stakeholders across the organization to clearly define their goals and devise a broad strategy to bring their vision to reality.

We were tasked with developing a technology-based solution that serves as a basis for future initiatives that will lead to a global, consumer-focused ecommerce ecosystem. At a broad level, the solution had to be modular, so that UX and technical architecture could be leveraged across multiple brands, cumulative, so that features and functionality, such as subscriptions, could also be shared, and nimble, decreasing time-to-market and allowing for experimentation. While still every bit an ongoing and fluid process, here’s where we are so far.


The Poise store served as the pilot project and initial proof-of-concept, within the broader digital commerce program. Working within an accelerated timeframe, we collaborated with the brand team to develop an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) approach that enabled us to move from kick-off to launch in only 10 weeks. To get there, we expedited all the “projects within the project”, from base functionality and catalog structure to creative design and content development. This allowed us to minimize touch points, accelerate approvals, and streamline every aspect of the process.

The site provides direct ecommerce capabilities that complement the existing brand site, while setting the stage for deeper content & commerce integration in future phases. It also turns the ecommerce channel into a “learning lab” to accelerate category growth and generate insights that are transferrable to other brands.


To prepare for the launch of a new line of facial cleansing products, the Kleenex brand team was looking for an effective way to gather critical consumer feedback in order to refine product presentation and inform a broader multichannel rollout. And they needed to begin collecting this data as quickly as possible. After a strategy session, we jumped on board for a rapid discovery and implementation project, which included onsite brand immersion and with the Kleenex team. Leveraging the technology infrastructure created for the initial ecommerce project and a rapid-fire iterative process through design and content creation, we were able to release the site in just 5 weeks.

The result is a protected, invitation-only site, offering trial products to select customers and influencers. With full ecommerce capabilities already in place, the site is ready to transition to a public-facing direct-to-consumer channel when the product line is officially ready to launch.

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