London Fog

An iconic fashion brand synonymous with the classic trench coat, London Fog is one of the oldest and most established names in outerwear.


London Fog approached Gorilla to conceptualize and build an online experience that matched the brand’s rich heritage. Before replatforming, London Fog sold through high-end department stores like Nordstrom and Macy’s, and a legacy ecommerce platform that no longer met their needs. Seeking to reach a new generation of buyers, educate them, and convert them into brand loyalists both in-store and online, London Fog partnered with Gorilla for full site redesign and development.


We built the new site on the Magento Enterprise platform and focused on telling the brand’s story and intuitively guiding customers through the purchase funnel. To begin, our design team created a photography brief focused on leveraging existing photography assets and incorporating it into the ecommerce channel to drive a stronger experience, maintain cross-channel consistency, keep down costs, and reinforce brand messaging.

On the development side, Gorilla built the site on a responsive design framework, integrating Magento with London Fog’s existing A2000 ERP system and configured third party modules including Avalara, and

In order to prepare the lean London Fog ecommerce team for launch, we provided hands-on support throughout the process. This included conducting intensive on-site training sessions focused on site-specific Magento features and functionality. Post-launch, London Fog is hosted on Gorilla’s dedicated cloud environment and supported by our Managed Services.


We were able to maintain budget projections and project scope throughout the replatforming process.

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