Fortune 1000 MRO Distributor

One of North America’s largest distributors of industrial products for the maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) market, approached us with a lofty goal of kicking off their digital transformation journey with an ecommerce replatform.The distributor’s business goals were ambitious and complex, and included driving existing customers to purchase online through 1:1 commerce experiences; serving as an extension of their nationwide network of service centers by facilitating custom quotes and inventory checks, and acquiring new customers organically through a renewed focus on SEO.

We subsequently partnered with the industrial distributor to launch a next generation ecommerce channel built on SAP Hybris. The replatform scope was robust, with high expectations for user experience and complex integration requirements to bring together their digital ecosystem. The result was an intuitive navigation that pulled in real time data for pricing and availability.

Our creative, technology and development teams worked closely together to build a modern user interface and successfully and methodologically load the industrial distributor’s robust catalog of more than 9 million products and one thousand custom written, SEO-friendly category landing pages into the Hybris PCM providing a complete PIM solution. To achieve this, we coordinated and planned across a disparate set of teams ranging from IT, business, 3rd party technical application resources, and most importantly, end customers, through training and onboarding.

SAP Hybris provided the distributor with an online UX consistent with B2B customer expectations in order to make the browsing and purchasing process seamless and straightforward for users. The new solution offers intuitive navigation, accurate content and allows us to engage with more customers through the online channel. The site differentiates from others in the industry with a design that makes finding and purchasing products fast and convenient through simplified and filtered search, navigation and category browsing, and allows us to offer customer-specific pricing and quoting options that are part of an industry-leading experience.

As part of their long term strategy, the industrial distributor recognized the opportunity to redefine their market position, retain existing customer revenue, and drive tangential opportunities through their services arm. This meant evolving the vast majority of their sales and order processes to promote customer self-service and online purchasing. With the relaunch, the company can now roll out and promote complementary product lines to their customers with agility and speed transferred within minutes as opposed to days and weeks. When Grainger and Amazon Business are your competitive threats, this initiative is paramount for future business evolution and customer retention.

Post-launch, our Managed Services and Customer Experience Management (CXM) team continues to offer dedicated support to maintain the distributor’s ambitious goals, with measured and strategic support, including forward-looking strategy, enhancing the ecommerce channel lifecycle. Phase 2+ is underway and includes ongoing content development, landing page promotion through SEO/SEM, email marketing through lead nurturing campaigns, and feature development (e.g. Punch out, Globalization) to support the distributor’s long term goals of not only evolving the site experience, but also feeding the sales funnel for additional customers and repeat purchases.

The new [website] provides an additional, highly productive channel for current and new customers. Combined with our extensive service center network, fluid power service and repair capabilities, electronic and printed catalog, and Maintenance Supplies & Solutions vendor managed inventory specialists, we are productively delivering value-added solutions for our customers’ industrial needs.

President & Chief Executive Officer