OMG The Jeans Store is an emerging New York City fashion retailer built on the concept of selection and service. In launching their initial ecommerce channel, OMG selected Gorilla and Magento Enterprise to recreate the fabric of their in-store style online, and deepen their relationship with their more than 600,000 Facebook fans.


With strategy, design, and development in our genes, we created an ecommerce experience that places products and promotions front and center, immediately engaging the brand-conscious shoppers that OMG targets. We introduced functionality to simplify product filtering and discovery and enable customers to personalize their experience. And to capitalize on their strong Facebook following, Gorilla went well beyond the “Like” button to allow registered users to view share and view product wishlists, see what products their friends have tagged and be alerted to their upcoming birthdays, all of which combine to create supplemental shopping opportunities and increase engagement on the site.


  • Magento Enterprise enhanced by over 40 customizations and extensions
  • Product: color swatching, interactive images; “My Fit” and “Custom Sizing” personalizations
  • Promotion: segmented price rules; customer rewards management; spend-driven free shipping
  • Systems Integration: WordPress, QuickBooks,, and collaborative RetailPro Integrations

"Choosing Gorilla was a smart decision. They really know what they're doing with Magento, and because they perform all design and development in-house, it gave us the level of control we were looking for."

— Boaz Lev Ari, General Manager, OMG Jeans