Oscar de la Renta, one of the world’s most iconic fashion houses, has captured the essence of femininity through ready-to-wear apparel since 1965. Renowned among socialites, celebrities, and fashion-forward women around the world, the label has grown exponentially but remained steadfast to timeless, luxurious designs. Faced with the need to future-proof their ecommerce channel and reflect the iconic luxury of the brand through digital channels, Oscar de la Renta partnered with us to conceptualize and build a luxe, responsive website that pushed the limits of the underlying ecommerce platform.


Our approach was influenced by the need to launch the new site prior to the holiday season and before the brand’s legacy ecommerce platform was sunset. We accomplished this by compressing the project timeline and taking an iterative, agile approach to discovery, design, and development.

A primary challenge was to maintain a luxurious, feminine site experience while streamlining the purchase path into a smooth and intuitive process. We applied lessons learned from previous luxury ecommerce projects and the specific user personas we developed around Oscar’s core customers. Understanding purchasing patterns and the tendency of luxury shoppers to buy a single high-ticket item at a time, we made shopping categories easy to navigate, removed pagination by implementing lazy load functionality to present all like products within a single page, and expedited the checkout process into a condensed series of simple steps.

This meshed with the overall design direction, which incorporated edge-to-edge imagery on select pages, and a non-traditional left-hand navigation, which collapses on tablets and mobile devices. We took the traditional timeline to the next level within the World of Oscar, implementing an interactive feature to showcase some of the greatest achievements of the man behind the label. From a design perspective, we were challenged by the timeline’s combination of dark and light imagery and subsequently built a font solution that dynamically changed color to contrast over specific pages.

On the backend, we integrated Magento Enterprise with the Raymark ERP/POS system; the success of which has paved the way for future opportunities with other Raymark clients.


Since launch, the new site has delivered on its promise of providing a luxe shopping experience consistent with the brand’s celebrated history and designs.