For almost 20 years, prAna has created durable, wearable yoga and climbing apparel and accessories that capture the spirit of vitality for which the brand is known. “Born from the experience,” prAna products promote a healthy, active, mindful lifestyle shared by yoga and climbing. For Gorilla, the challenge was to design and develop a site that embodies these qualities and provides more robust ecommerce functionality, without creating cross-channel interference.


We delivered a product-focused site with calm, nuanced aesthetics that promotes a more emotional shopping experience and broadens the brand's appeal beyond its core customers. We then took step to develop a channel-neutral shopping experience by integrating a customized Magento Enterprise platform with geo-targeting technology to refer online shoppers to brick-and-mortar retailers, and an integrated catalog SKU search to connect offline and online shopping into a cohesive experience. We implemented cross-search functionality that allows site searches to query product catalog as well as related blog content.


  • Complete site redesign captures and refocuses the brand's core qualities
  • Customized Magento Enterprise implementation
  • Created a channel-neutral shopping experience
  • Geo-targeting refers online shoppers to brick-and-mortar retailers
  • Partner inventory look-ups focus on sales, not source
  • Integrated catalog SKU search connects offline and online shopping
  • Enhanced search functionality