Pure Encapsulations

Pure Encapsulations, a division of Atrium Innovations Inc., is a leading manufacturer of hypoallergenic, research-based dietary supplements in the health and nutrition industry.The company works with experienced healthcare professionals to provide patients with safe and effective nutritional supplements designed to help achieve optimal health.

The manufacturer initially approached Gorilla to replatform their website on Magento Enterprise, but the relationship has since evolved into a long-standing, trusted partnership. Since our initial replatforming engagement, Gorilla has helped Pure Encapsulations shift their digital strategy and focus from B2B to a B2B2C audience, upgrade their brand experience, and elevate their positioning in the market.

While the site had been effectively serving healthcare practitioners, analytics data showed it was missing mark for the company’s potential and current end users, the patients themselves.

We shifted the manufacturer’s digital strategy by creating dual discovery paths, offering both practitioners and consumers functional and helpful discovery funnels. These new site discovery channels for current and prospective patients include functionality such as filters based on health concerns to accommodate the full spectrum of browsers and, ultimately, promote conversions and revenue.

On the creative and user experience side, we established user personas and did extensive site benchmarking research on search functionality and general site experience to guide the redesign.

We provided significant content guidance and boosted the site’s minimal patient-facing copy to be in line with what already existed for practitioners in an easier to read fashion. We focused on product and category descriptions, microsite content, social outreach, press & media and metadata information. We created parallel product descriptions, so that practitioners and consumers can get relevant information they need about each product.

In order to convey key brand differentiators in the copy and metadata, we also worked with Pure Encapsulations to highlight their commitment to natural ingredients without fillers or common allergens such as dairy or gluten.

We fully overhauled the site’s information architecture to improve site navigation, flow and presentation. Before, there were many different places a consumer could begin their interaction with the company. We created a guided registration process based on a series of questions about needs and goals to cut down on user confusion.

Other key digital initiatives included enabling a robust subscription program and tying in local events and classes at brick & mortar locations within the responsive design interface linked into the mobile application. Continuing education programs are an important component of Pure Encapsulations’ selling strategy. By teaching practitioners about how their supplements fit into the health and wellness world, the manufacturer is able to boost brand loyalty, encourage recommendations and acquire new patients. We worked to make these courses more prominent, organized and accessible on the site to cater to practitioners.

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