As the leader in fly rod technology, Washington-based Sage looked to our creative and content teams to expand their brand storytelling to better connect with their audience. Deep seasonal themes within fly fishing were identified to elevate their brand presentation and tap into the visceral experience of the sport. We utilized transportive editorial-style storytelling, inspiring images, how-to videos, and developed a new design framework through which Sage could share its compelling seasonal stories.

Sage Ecommerce Experience

After an enthusiastic response from a very loyal following, the Sage team was blown away by the results—calling the storytelling pages a “game-changer”—and asked us to continue development on the concept while also expanding into a second season.

What launched first with “Two-Handed Season” has gone on to span recurring themes—Swing, Salt, and Trout—across seven seasons and three years. Content from each Season is carved up into email campaigns—that have enjoyed impressive open and click-through rates—and is promoted via display and print ads, and social media posts. Stunning video storytelling, conservation awareness, and product recommendation elements were added in later installments as the Seasons campaigns evolved.

“If we can sell someone on the experience first, it’s much easier and more fluid to sell them on the products used to obtain said experience,” Sage Marketing Manager, David Lantz, explains. “These campaigns have been fantastic in achieving this goal and have turned into our main way to connect back to our customers—with multiple digital and email tiebacks utilizing the plethora of content each Season produces.”

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