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Gourmet salt supplier, SaltWorks®, provides premium grade, specialty salts to wholesale, retail, and consumer markets around the world.Founded in 2001 and headquartered outside Seattle, SaltWorks offers more than 110 varieties of all-natural sea and mineral salts, each ethically-sourced and produced at the company’s state-of-the-art facility.

SaltWorks needed an ecommerce solution that could cater to both consumer and business customers, provide a richer user experience, and better reflect the essence and varieties of their distinctive family of brands. They subsequently partnered with us to create a single commerce experience, which could help achieve their multi-faceted goals.

With 30% of existing site traffic coming from mobile devices and tablets, a key component of our ecommerce strategy recommendations was introducing responsive design, within the Magento Enterprise-powered solution. We also improved the site’s ease-of-use by enhancing search functionality and creating product pages that allowed the end user to shop all products.

Along with driving an increase in sales and average order value, our enhanced ecommerce channel has yielded numerous other business benefits, including direct lead generation at industry events, such as trade shows, as well as reduced time spent manually placing orders and updating basic customer information by our customer service and support team.

— Mark Zoske, CEO, SaltWorks

Our solution needed to cater to a wide range of consumers and business customers, including restaurants, grocery stores, food manufacturers, and spice companies. We created two different setups for B2B and B2C customers, with a separate B2B storefront that required unique payment and shipping logic, homepages, log-in, pricing, and add to cart. We implemented subtle yet differentiated design cues and site navigation to create relevant experiences for all buyers, while leveraging content and platform functionality across both sites wherever possible. Rather than launch separate sites, a tab structure was introduced to toggle between business and consumer experiences.

Design direction was also guided by the site experience, whether B2C or B2B. The B2C color palette was inspired by nature with blue and yellow hues to reinforce the natural qualities of salt, while the B2B color scheme was cool and clean to mimic a professional, business look, with dark and bright blues against a white background.

We gave the existing iconography for product specifications, like organic compliant and Optically Clean®, a refresh to match the new site’s design direction, and emphasized high-resolution, close-up product photography throughout to underscore product quality, and worked closely with the SaltWorks team as they contributed photography, directed and produced videos, rewrote site copy, and developed original recipes.

On the backend, we integrated Magento with Great Plains as ERP system, WordPress for blog management, Bronto ESP, Jirafe, Bazaarvoice, CIM, UPS and PayPal.

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