For more than 150 years, Hanger has been at the forefront of the orthotics and prosthetics industry.SPS Co. is a division of Hanger and a distributor of orthotic and prosthetic devices, focused on offering superior service and product expertise. Seeking to broaden their B2B sales channel, simplify the purchase funnel, and build customer loyalty, Hanger partnered with us to devise and implement an ecommerce solution to meet these goals.

In order to modernize their online presence from a technological perspective, Gorilla worked closely with the Hanger team to understand and document their B2B ecosystem, processes and product catalog.

Hanger’s large catalog of over 300,000 SKUs required additional attention and a strategic migration plan. Gorilla led the initiative by aligning categories and sub-categories, cleaning up existing product data and creating product associations. To maintain alignment with the SPS team, we held daily SCRUM sessions to review data issues.

Simplifying ordering and reordering was a priority. Our approach to solving this was informed by the fact that many products have similar attributes and many customers have the need to order from the same product sets again and again. So, we focused on introducing robust product compare functionality, the ability to build and share product lists, and SKU-enabled quick ordering among other features to make the process as easy as possible.

Prior to the rollout of their new ecommerce system, orders were primarily received and entered directly by SPS customer service representatives. To bring their team up to speed and ensure a smooth transition, we provided system training and soft launched the site for employees a full month before the channel officially went live.

The resulting site emphasizes the convenience and cost-saving benefits associated with the online buying experience. SPSco has seen a number of notable improvements in channel performance just 60 days post-launch, year-over-year.

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