Thomas Dean & Company is a unique men's apparel brand that embodies the perfect blend of style and sensibility. Thomas Dean approached us to develop a strategy to add a direct-to-consumer ecommerce channel that complemented their existing wholesale strategy.


We identified the need to implement a highly functional ecommerce solution that allowed Thomas Dean to continue their growth trajectory, without alienating channel partners. That started with a site design that kept the brand's level of sophistication intact with touches of elegance that suited their identity. We established an intuitive information architecture and supplemented that with functionality, such as allowing customers to filter products attributes, to simplify the shopping experience. To continue that experience in the physical world, we implemented a store locator module to drive users to nearby retail outlets. We integrated Magento with Thomas Dean's ERP system for inventory, order, and accounting management, as well as a fulfillment tool to help manage shipment integration with their warehousing partner. Lastly, we implemented best practice search engine spidering tactics and keyword optimization that placed Thomas Dean ahead of key competitors in organic search results. The result: a new revenue channel for the brand and a central hub for brand and product information.


  • Full creative discovery and brand immersion
  • Intuitive catalog search and filtering
  • Integration with Shipworks and V2K ERP systems
  • Site SEO optimization
  • Post-Launch Managed Services
  • Merchandising and Gifting Consulting and implementation</li?