Our client, a leader in online aftermarket auto parts retailing, has grown to become an Internet Retailer Top 500 merchant. Looking to boost the horsepower, and sales, from their all-important ecommerce channel, they turned over the keys to Gorilla to completely redesign the look and user experience of their flagship site.


Typically, websites see a drop in sales and traffic shortly after re-launch, as users, particularly repeat visitors, get accustomed to the updated layout and navigation. This has not been the case here. Instead, the site has experienced a dramatic increase in visits to conversion-oriented pages. This is a direct result of completely rethought and reorganized site architecture, which focuses on leading users to product pages directly associated with the model year of their vehicle. Adding to the simplified product discovery are site features which reinforce their industry expertise and active participation in the passionate Ford Mustang community. As for the look, the new site is a dramatic departure from the former design. Turning down the “noise”, the new site presents a cleaner, sleeker design that gives visitors a smoother ride on the road to the checkout page.


  • Complete, brand-focused redesign
  • Recreated front-end user interface and navigation
  • Deepened social interactions and content-driven engagement
  • Average 1 second page load speeds