B2B Ecommerce Benchmarking Report, 4th Ed.

As B2B Ecommerce evolves, how does your digital commerce experience stack up? What features and functionality are on the rise, which are in decline, and, more importantly, why?

Download the 4th edition of our B2B Ecommerce Benchmarking Report and find out. Filled with exclusive data and analysis the Benchmarking Report can serve as a key input to inform your organization’s strategy and investments. Download the report now.

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It’s true. Change is the only constant…

Since we began publishing our B2B Ecommerce Benchmarking Report five years ago, we’ve seen a significant shift in the way manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors approach their digital commerce channels. Most of it for the better….


  • Introduction
  • Organizational Data
  • Digital Commerce Offerings
  • Trending Toward Transparency
  • Drive Purchase Through Product
  • Connected Customer Care
  • Content and the Customer Journey
  • Conclusion

Exclusive Research. That’s why Gorilla Group is The Commerce Experience Agency.

Download Gorilla Group’s B2B Ecommerce Benchmarking Report.