Featured Partner: PayPal

Each month, Gorilla is showcasing a solutions partner making waves in the ecommerce ecosystem.

A partnership with Gorilla means that we believe in the value their service provides to our clients strongly enough to stake our reputation and our own client relationships on them. Our network of strategic partnerships is comprised of industry leaders; veterans and newcomers alike, committed to delivering high quality, cutting-edge ecommerce solutions.

This month’s Featured Partner, PayPal, encourages ecommerce growth by simplifying and securing money transfers and payment processing online, via mobile devices or in store. PayPal Express Checkout allows customers to check out within 20 seconds and can boost sales by up to 18%, improve conversion rates by 70%, and accelerate checkout up to 3x faster. The payment solution provider processes nearly 10 million payments every day on more than 240,000 ecommerce merchant sites worldwide, including well-known brand manufacturer, Munchkin.

In 2013, Munchkin partnered with Gorilla to develop an ecommerce channel that could serve as a driver and focal point for their ambitious business goals. In line with those goals was deploying technology to simplify checkout for both merchants and consumers. PayPal Express Checkout made it simple by allowing Munchkin customers to pre-populate billing, shipping and payment information both online and on mobile devices.

Jonathan Bradbury, Munchkin’s Director of Global Ecommerce notes that,
“PayPal is very beneficial to our web and mobile stores. Our customers appreciate the simplicity and security offered by PayPal Express Checkout. And Munchkin is happy with how it has positively impacted conversion, especially given how easy it was to integrate.”

As technology improves and the ecommerce industry evolves in an onmichannel environment, today’s consumer expects a quick and hassle-free purchase funnel when shopping online or on a mobile device. PayPal allows for exactly that, giving customers the ability to make a purchase without manually entering contact, billing and shipping information. Customers are able to skip several steps of the process by clicking one button and completing their transaction with a simple email address/password or mobile number/pin combination.

PayPal’s commitment to enhancing ecommerce demand and driving conversions make the payment gateway a strategic solutions partner. Since 1998, PayPal has been at the forefront of digital payments with a global client base of more than 152 million active users. For more information about PayPal and to learn how the payment solution can benefit your ecommerce business, email