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Our parent company, Wunderman Thompson Commerce, has provided us with exclusive research, The Future Shopper Report 2020. This report details shopping behaviors based on the responses of over 14,000 global consumers. Download the report now.

The customer journey is no longer linear, and Amazon has quite a hold over some of the significant touchpoints that a consumer has. Brands must operate effectively across all channels, which will help organizations remain strong through crises. The world of digital commerce is constantly changing which means that customer expectations are also changing, it’s important to stay ahead of these ever changing trends.

“It is only by analyzing their own industry, their own business, and their own capabilities across this balanced strategy that organizations can ensure that they have considered all avenues open to them.”


Table of contents:

  • The Customer Journey
  • Direct to Consumer Sites
  • Amazon and The Prime Effect
  • Redefining and Reconsidering Business models in Our New Age
  • China
  • Conclusion

Download The Future Shopper Report 2020 today.